Handy Tips!

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Handy Tip #1

Carry plenty of rope that is properly sized for your boat. We suggest at least two 19m lengths of 10mm rope.

Handy Tip #2

Hose inside your boat after use with a substantial quantity for fresh water. Leave your boat permanently tilted to drain after use. The floatation material is susceptible to degradation upon contact with petrol. Floatation material should be checked regularly to assess its condition.

Handy Tip #3

Practise – Practise – Practise

Before attempting your first launch, tow the boat to a nearby parking lot and practise backing the trailer. Whenever you are backing up, be sure to have a lookout to help direct you.

Handy Tip #4

To tie up, run the line from the boat around the dock cleat and then back to the boat. This way you can untie the line without jumping from the deck to dock again. Instead, just cast off one end of the line and bring the whole length back on board.

Handy Tip #5

Do not use your boat as a trailer.

Do not carry excess weight in the boat while trailering or travelling on the water.

Handy Tip #6

Remember to close all hatches and doors in the boat before trailering. Store all loose equipment so it cannot slide, fall or blow out. Ensure the canopy/bimini is down and secure and that all seating inside the boat is also secured. It is possible for seats to move while travelling – ensure all seats are strapped down and securely fastened.

Handy Tip #7

When reversing, engage the reverse lock on the trailer hitch. This will lock on the trailer hitch and stop the trailer brakes operating when reversing. Remember to disengage the lock when the reversing operations are complete.

Handy Tip #8

Too much or too little tongue weight will cause difficult steering and tow vehicle sway. Generally 5% to 10% of the boat and trailer weight should rest on the tongue.

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