Outboard Maintenance – Fuel & Fuel System

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Check your fuel system. Regular maintenance is necessary to help keep your fuel system in peak condition. From hoses and connections to proper filtration and even fuel additives, time spent maintaining your fuel system helps keep you safe and your boat ready for action.

Ethanol concerns. Ethanol in today’s fuel is a powerful solvent that can loosen debris and cause clogging. It also readily attracts water. Your best line of defence is to avoid using it. If unavoidable a Yamaha 10-micron fuel/water separating filter traps impurities down to 10 microns in size (1/20th of the diameter of a human hair), helps remove water from your fuel system and is easy to install and replace. More frequent maintenance of the fuel system is required when using ethanol blended fuels. Yamaha outboard models from 2007 onwards are suitable for use with e10; however, you need to make sure your boat fuel tank, line and fittings can handle it.

On-engine fuel filtration. Your Yamaha outboard has a system of fuel filters on the engine, as well. It’s important to know the location of these filters and to clean or replace them at the recommended intervals. You can find this information in your service manual or through your authorised Yamaha marine dealer.

Fuel system components. It’s important to check the condition of the fuel hoses and connections for any signs of leaks or cracking each time you use your boat. You should also check your primer bulb. If the bulb does not become firm when squeezed prior to starting the engine, replace it.

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