Bonito 500 Sports Tiller Steer


500 Sports Tiller Steer
Quintrex  TA1298 Trailer
F70XA Yamaha  4 Stoke Outboard
Trailer Mods
Fitting charges
Tiller Handle
Yamaha Alloy Prop
Yamaha Fuel Filter
Marine battery Delco 750
Safety equipment for 7 persons – Partially Smooth
Protie strap and motor support
Registration of boat and trailer, standard boat Nos
Rig price $36,613
Photo Boat includes
2x Sde Pockets $670
Single ON/OFF battery switch $295
Twin rear Transom steps with rails $1,160
X -thwart Seat – insulated (no Ulphoulstrey) $2,006
Total $40,744

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Bonito 500 Sports Tiller Steer
 Price: $40,744
 Condition: New


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