Stern Pad White Small


• Stern Pad is a mounting block for transducers, LED lights, pumps, antennas, and other devices that can be attached to a boat.
• CNC machined from a specially treated synthetic plastic polymer.
• Save your transom and maintain your boats value by using a Stern Pad instead of drilling holes.
• Mount with 3MTM VBHTM adhesive tape to adhere to the hull without the use of screws.
• The adhesive has been rigorously tested and has passed a 10 years submersion test in saltwater.
• Maximum strength is 200kg for the standard stern pad, the jumbo size has twice the bonding area and is therefore twice as strong.
• Can be painted if desired.
• Includes site preparation materials, and 3 adhesive cable clips.
• Made in USA.

PART NO. 36660
Colour: White
Dimensions (L x W x D): 114mm x 89mm x 19mm
For Transducers: Standard
Note: Accessories should be attached to stern pad without drilling a pilot hole.

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 x 16 x 6 cm

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